Musical Presentations by Billy Moore (DVD)

"Rhythms of the Heart"

Extraordinary Kaleidoscopic Images

"Sounds for Relaxation"
By Billy Moore
All selections composed by Billy Moore
Orchestrations by Billy Moore

This DVD video is designed to enhance your many pleasures,
tapping into your unique auditory and visual creative senses
as you listen to relaxing music and view the colorful kaleidoscopic patterns.
Enjoy 33:28 minutes of sheer relaxation as you allow
the positive life forces to soar and take you on an imaginary journey.

1. Morning Mist
2. Sweet Dreams
3. Rhythmic Forest
4. My Love (James "Dub" Hudson on Saxophone)
5. My Joy
6. Wind In The Willows (Warren Lankford on Piano)

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Inspirational Presentations by Billy and Joyce Moore (DVDs)

"Healing Waters"

A Video by Joyce and Billy Moore
(66 minutes)

Captivating movements of nature's own waters ... falling waters
... raging waters ... calming waters. Designed to stimulate a
positive awarenness of our marvelous natural environment and
encourage taking some quality time for relaxation, reflections
and admiration for the gifts given to us by nature.

Healing takes place as we allow ourselves to connect with the
external "Life Forces" that enhance our mental well-being.
Through this connection and a positive awareness, we open
ourselves to receiving mental and physical stimulation that
balances our internal "Life Forces."

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"Galactic Illusions"

A Video by Joyce and Billy Moore
(32 minutes)

Imagine the wonders of a spectacular universe to awaken your strength, joy and peace.

"Galactic Illusions" and "Narrations" from the New International Version Bible. Scriptures with music. Includes the Creation by James Weldon Johnson and Desiderata (dated 1692). Narrated by Joyce G. Moore

1. The Creation - Genesis 1:1-31 & 2:1-7
2. The Creation - James Weldon Johnson
3. The 23rd Psalm 1-6
4. The Beatitudes - Matthew 5:1-12
5. The Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6:1-13
6. The 10 Commandments - Exodus 20:1-18
7. The 91st Psalm 1-16
8. The 33rd Psalm 1-22
9. Desiderata - Dated 1692
Old St. Paul Church, Baltimore, MD

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"Nature's Harmony"

A video by Joyce and Billy Moore

We all need inspiring people, positive things, exciting events and other inspirations to nurture and nourish our souls. Our natural environment provides so many wonderful opportunities for us to quench our need for such nourishment and nuturing.

The four seasons are God's gift to each of us. Each one may consider one season over another to be a favorite. For this video, we are featuring Spring. The harmonious colors and the beauty of the flowers that "Spring Forth" - announcing Spring's arrival - is a magnificent show.

May your soul be nurtured and nourished by this "Nature's Harmony" presentation - allowing you to experience PEACE AND HARMONY.

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"African Heritage and Chants"

A video by Joyce and Billy Moore

African Drummers and chanters with beautiful kaleidoscopic images to enhance your listening and visual pleasures -- To put you in a relaxing mood.
1. I -- YAI -- YEA
2. Afro Latin
3. Afro Rites
Billy Moore, Composer    Joyce Moore, Chants
Jarvis Kerney, Kaliedoscopic Images
24:12 minutes

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"Rhythms of the Heart -- Single"

A video by Joyce and Billy Moore

Beautiful, relaxing,soulful music
with extraordinary kaleidoscopic images.
An experience to remember.

Images by Joyce Moore
Music by Bill Moore
7:14 minutes

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