Some of Billy's Outstanding Students

Each student was encouraged to reach his or her individual potential...and to strive to achieve the various, well-thought-out course objectives. In addition, students were urged to build on the basic foundations which they had, and learn how to transfer those skills to other aspects of their lives as well.

This short sample list attests to the teaching skills of Billy Moore.

Charles "Chuck" Morris with Arsenio Hall
Lloyd Tolbert with Motown Records
Butch Corbitt with the Temptations
Joseph Brown with Smokey Robinson
Eric McKane with the Pointer Sisters
Angela Lewis with Tom Jones
Nate Alford with the Fifth Dimension
Ron Hammond with War
Danny Yamamoto with Hiroshima
Tim Pope with Tony Orlando
Paul Cartwright with Moulin Rouge in Paris, France
Dragan Gagic with Radio Studio in Yugoslavia
Tony Wallace with Ray Charles
Clayton Cameron with Sammy Davis Jr.and later with Tony Bennett
Ronald Bruner with the Temptations
Tony Lewis with George Benson
Ronnie Kaufman with the Gap Band
Elmira Collins with Marvin Gaye
William (Willie) Stewart with Third world (Jamaica)
Donald Ballard with the Temptations and Sergio Mendez
Mary Stuart Masterson with Paramont Pictures (“Some Kind of Wonderful”)
Ralph Johnson, Phillip Bailey with Earth, Wind and Fire
Michael Sulcer with Princess Cruise Lines
Raymond Love with James Brown
Ronald Tooley with James Brown and Bob James
Walter Orange with the Commodores
Geno Gonzalez with James Brown
Varner Barlow with O. C. Smith
Ken French with the United States Air Force Academy Band
Antoine Johnson with 20th Century Fox Pictures (“ Drum line”)
Mike Smith with Macy Gray and Larry Carlton
and many, many more!

What Billy Moore's Former Students Say ...

"Billy Moore's drum course is the bridge between students and professionals. The students learn fundamentals with a musical approach, giving them the proper tools to become professional musicians."
Clayton Cameron
Drummer for Tony Bennett

"When I first came to Billy Moore, I had no knowledge of how to play a chart. My timing was bad and my patience very short. He not only taught me patience, he took the mystery out of how to play any chart.
He has taught me the art of breaking down and recognizing a musical figure. His inside-outside method has boosted my musical career. Let it be big band, rock, latin, progressive really works."
He himself as a teacher has taught me how to play any exercise or figure legitimately. His method has taught me the rhythm and melody of all facets of music. It has given me the self confidence I need in my playing.
He teaches counting is a must in order to divide and stay in rhythm with the music. I play in a self contained group. When I am not touring with my group, I have been able to perform and take on many jobs that require sight reading. In order to survive in this musical world, reading is everything. And I have Billy Moore to thank.
Thank you Billy Moore, my mentor and life long friend."
Drummatically Yours
Ron Hammon
Drummer for "War"

"Billy Moore and his drumset courses gave me a strong musical foundation. His system of learning how to read big band charts is the best method I know of.
For 13 years I've performed as a drummer/percussionist with various Air Force bands. I've played in many different musical groups of various sizes and musical styles. Billy's teaching prepared me for the extreme musical versatility my job demands.
Billy is not only a great instructor and musician, but also a friend and inspiration to me. He knows the music business inside and out. Billy passes that knowledge to his students to prepare them for the 'real world'.
Thanks to Billy I've been able to provide a good living for my family while performing with great musicians. I'm very fortunate to have studied with and to know this giant of a man."
Ken French
United States Air Force
Band of Mid-America

"I am pleased to be able to write this testimonial on behalf of my friend, teacher and mentor, Mr. Billy Moore. His is one of the most loved and respected individuals in my life and it gives me great pleasure to be able to share this with you.
I met Mr. Moore upon entering Northwestern Junior/Senior High School in Jacksonville, Florida. He was the teacher of music. At that time, I had never played an instrument, but I knew I wanted to play the drums. Mr. Moore facilitated my decision-making ability by affording me the opportunity to select snare drums and has continued to share in my decision-making powers regarding life, finances and other important issues a they have come throughout my life.
Over the years, this fine gentleman has always been one who could build my confidence. Whenever I ran low on self-esteem, he refueled me to reach higher heights and to challenge deeper depths.
Early in my musical experiences, Mr. Moore taught me to read music, emphasizing playing from the heart, with feeling and with soul. Because he is a drummer/percussionist, he was always "death on drummers" meaning he demanded percision, correctness, being the best and giving all you had. He would come to my studio recordings and rehearsals, many times talking me through sessions by saying "play your group" never copy another's style. "Always play what makes your group feel good."
Mr. Moore became a big influence to the Commodores by inspirationally talking to the group. Although he didn't realize it at the time, the other members also adopted him as their role model. They had known him long before meeting him (little did he know)! Although we didn't see each other for many years, Mr. Moore and I spoke by phone from time to time for he too was traveling just as I was.
Billy Moore has continued to share in my life. He has always been my teacher, mentor and second father. He still nurtures and encourages me regarding finances, music and life. He and Mrs. Moore still provide me with parental care and wisdom even at this present time in my life, sharing the recent birth of my twin sons, my continued musical efforts and day to day issues as they arise.
It is indeed an honor to make testimony to the man who introduced me to music, taught me to love and respect life, my mentor, Mr. Billy Moore."
Musically yours,
Walter Orange
The Commodores

"I am the drummer for the "Third World Band". We have been together for twenty-one years and have made thirteen albums. In 1981, I started the Billy Moore Drum Course, spending five months under his tutorship. However, I had to take the rest of the course by correspondence tapes as I live in Jamaica, W.I.
His course is easy to understand because he has the ability to break down the most complicated thing to a level that even a very young child can understand. His technique enables his students to overcome their handicaps.
Billy Moore is a very special teacher, a teacher par excellence to whom a lot of young people should be exposed if their aim is excellence in drumming. I would not hestitate in highly recommending this course for video, correspondence tapes, etc."
William Stewart
The Third World Band

"After playing drums and percussion for twenty years, there was still something missing in my sound. That gig-to-gig consistency, and the ability to integrate different styles with ease, didn't exist. That is, it didn't exist until I started studying with Billy Moore.
Billy Moore's course gave me the technique and mental approach needed to be a competitive player in the national market."
Peter Bulliard
Freelance Player
Lafayette, LA

Every time I step up on a stage to perform I have Billy Moore to thank. His mallet and Latin Percussion courses gave me a strong foundation of rhythms, melodic and harmony for writing and soloing, sight-reading technique and playing abilities. Because of his courses, I have toured with major stars, appeared on many television shows and traveled around the world.
Thanks Mr. Moore, for being a teacher, a mentor and a friend."
Elmira Collins
Los Angeles, CA

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